We will develop and improve the English language skills you required thanks to 45 years of accumulation of know-how.

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We propose new reliable and personalized English language acquisition styles
to the customers.

We propose new reliable and personalized English language acquisition styles to the customers.

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★A small number of students participate in each group class. All group lessons are the monthly fee system. Native English instructors teach each class with the instructor responsible system. It is possible to take compensation classes if a student cannot attend the classes.

★All elementary to high school student courses include preparation for the English Proficiency Tests. English instructors teach for passing English Proficiency Test (STEP) targeting the quasi-level 1 to level 5. A student can take free Eiken exam trial written and listening tests.

★General English study, free talking, TOEFL, TOEIC, topics, etc. are offered according to the level in the adult course.

★Private and semi-private lessons are the ticket system (10 to 100 tickets). A trial lesson will be available.

★We welcome you to enjoy the regular classes, various popular campaigns, summer special intensive courses, and welcoming private courses.

Special Campaigns

The following are all special campaigns. You can apply for without an entrance fee.

Welcoming Campaigns

Welcoming Special 320 min Course
- Lesson Fee: \22,000
- Valid period: Up to 6 months from the start date

Welcoming Special 720 min Course
- Lesson Fee: \49,140
- Valid period: Up to 1 year from the start date

☆If you have questions concerning the lesson contents, date, etc., please feel free to contact us at info@bea.co.jp or 042-572-3719.

Special Events
Lesson at the Restaurant

Elementary School Introductory Challange

Regular Courses

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- Senior Courses

- Kindergarten Courses
- Elementary School Basic Course
- Elementary School Intermediate Courses
- Junior High School Courses
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- Eiken (English Proficiency Test) Courses
- Returnees Classes

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1-6-1 Higashi, Kunitachi-shi, Tokyo

TEL: 042-572-3719
FAX: 042:576-4807
e-mail: info@bea.co.jp

Translation Division
The Translation Division properly translates various languages by the native language staff such as local government documents (multilingual garbage collection calendars, certificates of citizen tax payment, information for foreigners through the Internet, etc.), machine instruction manuals for various industries, dissertations, multilingual certificates (birth certificates, marriage certificates, family register copies, etc.), and various other translations.

TEL: 042-572-3734

Dispatch of language instructors
BEA dispatches instructors to various companies, educational institutions, and medical institutions. The number of lessons, the lesson schedules, etc. will be set freely according to your convenience.

Special Events

Lesson at the Restaurant


Welcoming Special Courses

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